Wedding Cloaks & Muffs

A cloak is the perfect addition to any period wedding attire. We make them in several styles and fabric types, lined or unlined, with hood or without. We can even add a train! Price range $49.00 and up.


Valentina - This wedding cloak is made of white polysuede, fully lined and hooded. There is a wide edging of faux fur around the edge of the hood and down both sides of the center front.
Valentina - $250.00 as shown.



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Does your dress have a train?
A train of any length can be added to any style cloak for an
additional $1 an inch.


This beautiful bride was kind enough to send us a picture of her wedding day. She is wearing the Valentina cloak described above. Click on the picture for a larger image of the happy couple.

Meghan L. from Alaska writes, “I wanted to thank you again for the beautiful wedding cloak. I can't tell you how many people wanted to know where in the world I found my "beauuuuutiful cape." :) The cloak was a big, big hit! I wore it into Alyeska Resort, where our reception was held. It was wonderful to have, as it was only a few degrees above zero that night. We made a formal entrance with the wedding party and walked up the Grand Staircase at the hotel, where all of our guests were gathered and waiting for our arrival. I think you'll be able to see how happy we were that day. Know that the smile on my face is there partly because of you. It felt like it was in a fairy tale. What a beautiful wedding it was...thank you again for adding such a special touch to this memorable day.”


This beautiful Aussie bride sent us some romantic pictures of her special day. She is also wearing the Valentina cloak described above.
Click on the pictures for larger images of the lovely couple.


“I just wanted to thank you for the beautiful cloak. It was a big hit and everyone loved it. It kept me warm through the best day of my life. Thank you again.” Renee F., via email - 2010



Both the cloaks at left are made from ivory satin, fully lined, hooded, and edged with faux fur.

Satin makes a beautiful cloak, but because it takes on the ambient temperature, it makes a poor lining for cold weather. If the cloak will be worn outside in a cold climate, we recommend lining the satin with fleece. You'll still get the elegant look of satin, but you'll have a toasty fleece lining instead of icy satin.

The bride's cloak is $225.00 as shown, and the flower girl's cloak is $100.00 as shown (size 4). Click on the picture for a larger image.
Satin lined with fleece is $250.00 as shown for the bride, $125.00 for the flower girl.

This style can be made in lots of different colors - see below


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Picture perfect for a Christmas wedding, the cloaks below are made of red polysuede, fully lined and hooded. There is a wide edging of white faux fur around the edge of the hood and down both sides of the center front.
$250.00 for the bride
$125.00 for the flower girl

This style looks great in emerald green, royal blue, burgundy, and black too!

cjbrit2 cjbrit1

This adventurous bride set off for her wedding in a horse drawn carriage, rode a ski lift to a European chalet for her reception, and took her storybook wedding pictures atop a mountain all toasty and warm in her Valentina cloak.


Natalia - For those who would prefer a cloak without a hood, we offer the Valentina with fur edging around the collar. Natalia - $235.00 as shown.



Cordelia - The two-tiered cloak shown here is made of white crushed velvet. The cloak is fully-lined in burgundy cotton velvet, and there is burgundy piping edging the entire top tier and down the center front. There is burgundy ribbon around the neckline and the ribbon ties are finished with gold aglets.
Cordelia - $250.00 as shown.


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We also offer muffs to keep your hands toasty warm. All muffs are fully lined, have a wrist strap sewn to the inside lining, and can be made to match any cloak. Price Range $30.00 and up. Click on each picture for a larger image.



Astrid - Made of white polysuede, the muff shown above is edged and lined with faux fur.
Astrid - $30.00 as shown.



Ingrid - Made of white polysuede, the extra-large muff shown above is edged and lined with faux fur. There is a small zippered pocket on the back for lipstick and other necessities.
Ingrid - $50.00 as shown.



Ilsa - Same as the Astrid, the Ilsa muff has a Celtic cross embroidered on the center front in gold metallic thread.
Ilsa - $50.00 as shown



Vanessa - The extra-large muff shown above is made entirely of faux mink fur.
Vanessa - $30.00 as shown.




Click on each picture for a larger image.


Eirlys - Same as the Ingrid, the Eirlys muff has a snowflake applique in Swarovski crystals.
Eirlys - $85.00 as shown.

Deirdre - This cloak is made of rum pink crushed satin. It is fully-lined, has front arm slits, a hood, and is trimmed up the front and around the hood to match the gown it is shown with.
Deirdre - $400.00 as shown
Click on each picture for a larger view.




Ygraine - This cloak is made of silk velvet-burnout over cream tussah silk, and is trimmed with gold metallic floral lace. It is fully-lined and has an oversized hood, and is also trimmed to match a gown. Ygraine - $700.00 as shown. 
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To view our complete selection of non-wedding cloaks, click here.



Because we make every garment to your specifications you are never limited to just what you see.
We can make any desired changes to the design, color, or materials of the garments shown,
and all garments are made to your measurements, not some generic “size”.

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