The V-Sleeve Tunic can be made in any length, and has a wide, rounded neckline with long, pointed sleeves which hang to the knees or floor, depending on the length of the tunic. The trimmed v-sleeve, usually worn by women, features straight-cut sleeves with trim at the sleeves and the neck. The plain v-sleeve can be worn by anyone, and has straight-cut sleeves and no trim at all. The dagged v-sleeve, worn by both women and men, features scallop-edged sleeves, which are lined with a contrasting color. All v-sleeves are made in a cotton/linen blend, in any solid color you desire.

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The Dagged V-Sleeve $149.00
The Trimmed V-Sleeve $79.00
The Untrimmed V-Sleeve $59.00

Every item is made to your specifications, so you will need to supply measurements as well as your choice of fabric color on the order form.
For the Trimmed style you should specify the
trim color (silver or gold).
For the Dagged style you should specify the
lining color.
There is a diagram on the form to help you in take the necessary measurements.

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Prices are subject to change without notice