Pants & Breeches

Drawstring Pants are made of heavy cotton, and, as you would expect, have a drawstring at the ankles or knees, and the waist. You may substitute elastic if you prefer. Pants can be made in any solid color you desire, so please specify color choice.
Drawstring Pants (knee) - $25.00
Drawstring Pants (ankle) - $30.00

Reversible, Slashed Breeches are made of heavy cotton, slashed and edged with contrasting binding, and lined in a contrasting color. Elastic waist and reversible to a non-slashed solid color with an attached boot topper. Available in any solid colors desired, so please specify color choices for the body, the binding, and the lining.
Slashed, Reversible Breeches - $99.00


Slashed breeches and vest shown slashed side out at right, and solid lining shown at left.

Click here to view the matching vest!


Slashed side of the same style in black with a royal blue lining and white binding.


Waistband view of the slashed side of the set pictured above.

Every item is made to your specifications, so you will need to supply measurements as well as your choice of fabric color, drawstring or elastic, and knee or ankle length for the drawstring pants, and the fabric, binding, and lining colors for the slashed breeches on the order form.
There is a diagram on the form to help you in take the necessary measurements.

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Prices are subject to change without notice