Hats & Headgear

The Muffin Cap

A large circle of fabric gathered into a band, this cap is a favorite of children and adults. Shown below left in print cotton, and below right in crushed panné velvet. Available in cotton print or any solid color cotton or crushed panné velvet. The Muffin Cap - $12.00


The Hooded Mantle

Worn by both men and women, the hooded mantle is lined, and reversible. Choose any two colors of cotton, polysuede, or wool blend.
Cotton or Polysuede- $39.00
Wool Blend - $49.00


The Velveteen Flat Hat

With an ornate pin and ostrich plume, this fully-lined hat is the perfect accessory for your renaissance ensemble. In velveteen, any solid color, dry clean only. Your choice of plume color. Please note that dyed feathers are not colorfast.
Flat Hat-$49.00

The Padded Roll and The Silk Veil


The Padded Roll - $19.00

The padded roll is a stuffed tube of fabric tied with ribbons to form a circle. Wrapped with ribbons or pearls, it is frequently worn over a long veil. Available in your choice of cotton, brocade, or velveteen, in any solid color you desire.

The veil is a 45" long oval, made of white silk.
The veil is shown at right, worn under the padded roll.


The Silk Veil - $15.00

Every item is made to your specifications, so you will need to supply measurements as well as your choice of fabric type and color on the order form.
For the Padded Roll you should specify
ribbon or pearl trim.
For the Flat Hat you should specify the
feather color.
There is a diagram on the form to help you in take the necessary measurements.

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Prices are subject to change without notice