All bodices are fully-lined, and have heavy-duty, hand washable boning with two-piece metal eyelet-reinforced lacing holes in the front. Your choice of round or square neck. Available in any solid color you desire, or tapestry brocade, and they can be made reversible. The tapestry selections are shown below. Please note that tapestry fabric is dry clean only. Bodices are most often worn over a chemise and a skirt, which are sold separately. See skirts and chemises.


The Classic is a versatile bodice which is a perennial favorite of re-enactors and theatrical groups, because it offers a flattering silhouette for a wide range of time periods.
Cotton - 59.00 Tapestry - $69.00


The Wench has all the features of the Classic, but it's cut under, rather than over the bust.
Cotton - $59.00 Tapestry - $69.00


The Lady features your choice of picadils (skirting at the waist) in four styles: angled, scalloped, rounded, and pointed. Cotton - $75.00 Tapestry - $85.00






Tapestry Patterns

Click on each image to see a larger scan of that fabric.


The Beltice is a cross between a wide belt and a strapless bodice, hence the name. Laces front and back for ease of adjustment.
Cotton - $35.00
Tapestry - $39.00

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Tapestry 1

Tapestry 2

Tapestry 3

Tapestry 4


Bodice Pattern
For the lady who prefers to make her own bodice, this pattern is easy to use and requires only basic sewing skills. I drafted this pattern myself, and I use it to make the "Classic, the "Lady" and the "Wench".
Complete instructions and custom fitting guide are included. Includes four styles of picadils.
Fits bust measurements 32" to 44".
Pattern - $6.00

The Candice Corset

The Candice Corset was designed for singer/songwriter Candice Night of the band Blackmoreís Night. This garment is not designed for waist or bust reduction. Itís perfect for the lady who needs a corset shape but still needs to breathe while singing or dancing!

cc1 cc2

The Candice Corset -
This light-weight, unlined body-shaper is made of stretch velvet and has both a separating (parka) zipper up the back and fully functional front lacing. There is white steel boning in the center front and black woven trim at the neckline and hem. Black stretch velvet on the sides, and either black, burgundy, forest green, purple or red stretch velvet on the front and back, made to your measurements.
The Candice Corset - $85.00

Candice Corset - Candy

Candice Night is wearing The Candice Corset over The Gypsy Chemise, also designed especially for her.

For more info about Candice Night, visit the official website:

The Gypsy Chemise can be seen here

Every item is made to your specifications, so you will need to supply measurements as well as your choice of fabric color(s) or tapestry number, and eyelet color (silver, gold, or black) on the order form.
Also remember that your garment can be made
reversible, and you may choose either
round or square neck for the Classic and the Lady bodices.
For the Lady bodice, please specify the desired
picadil style.
There is a diagram on the form to help you in take the necessary measurements.

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Prices are subject to change without notice