Victorian Lord

Men's clothing of the late 19th century was very regimented. There were specifics for every occasion, and rarely did anyone deviate from the obligatory styles and colors. For most occasions, a man wore a shirt, a waistcoat, a tie or ascot, pants, and a jacket or coat. No man would be seen without a hat, and gloves were required for formal occasions. Price range $425.00 and up

Oliver - This Victorian dinner ensemble features a pin-tucked, wing-collared shirt, a brocade waistcoat, black wool pants, and a matching black wool tailcoat. Note that a white pique waistcoat and white tie were de rigueur for a Victorian dinner ensemble, but this client chose more vibrant colors to suit his personality.
Oliver - $725.00 as shown, not including the hat, tie, or gloves.
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Because we make every garment to your specifications you are never limited to just what you see.
We can make any desired changes to the design, color, or materials of the garments shown,
and all garments are made to your measurements,
not some generic “size”.

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