Medieval Wedding Gown

The undertunic or “bliaut” is made of a soft, flowing fabric, and the attached sleeves are long and full. The “corsage” (soft corset) is a panné brocade or panné velvet, and the entire ensemble is trimmed with silver or gold. Price range for this style is $350.00 and up.


Jocelyn - This unlined bliaut is made of ivory “silk essence” (synthetic). The sleeves have an overlay of iridescent chiffon edged with gold braid, and the band is trimmed with gold braid and pearl trim. The panné brocade corsage is cut with a "V" neck and "V" points in the front and back. The corsage is also edged in gold and the neck is trimmed with gold and pearl trim. Jocelyn Medieval Wedding Gown - $450.00 as shown .

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Claire - This gown is made all in one piece, not as a bliaut and corsage. The bodice is made of panné brocade and has rounded "V" neck and "V" points in the front and back. The bodice is edged in gold and faux pearls.
Claire Medieval Wedding Dress - $350.00 as shown.

The sleeves are chiffon, and edged to match the bodice. The skirt has a layer of chiffon over an underskirt of silk essence.




Ava - The bliaut shown below is made of iridescent satin, with sheer, iridescent chiffon sleeves. There is silver and black trim on the sleeve band. The panné velvet corsage is intricately beaded.
Ava - $375.00 as shown.



Adela - The bliaut pictured at right is made of pink crinkle satin and trimmed with gold and burgundy metallic lace. The deep "v" sleeves have been lined with burgundy crushed panné velvet, and the shoulder rolls have also been trimmed with metallic lace. The lightly boned corset is crushed panné velvet and it laces up the back.
Adela Medieval Bridal Gown - $375.00 as shown.
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Because we make every garment to your specifications you are never limited to just what you see.
We can make any desired changes to the design, color, or materials of the garments shown,
and all garments are made to your measurements, not some generic “size”.

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