Boy's 18th Century

The coats of the 18th century had large cuffs and standing collars, and were cut to be worn open down the front, to show off the richness of the vest fabric beneath. The pants were cut to just below the knee, and were fairly form-fitting. The shirts of the period were topped off with lots of lace on the collar and cuffs. Price range $200.00 and up

Theodore - This 18th century little lord's ensemble features a white shirt with lace-edged cuffs and a tiered jabot, front-buttoned tan breeches (full-length), fully-lined green brocade vest, and a fully-lined gold brocade coat with metallic trim and gold-edged pearl buttons.
- $400.00 as shown.

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As always, any adult ensemble can be made in a child's size. This style is especially popular for weddings.



Because we make every garment to your specifications you are never limited to just what you see.
We can make any desired changes to the design, color, or materials of the garments shown,
and all garments are made to your measurements, not some generic “size”.

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