Tudor - Henry VIII

Henry VIII was an attractive young man who liked being admired for his looks. As he grew older (and heavier) he began to "bulk up" his clothing to make himself appear both more proportional and more imposing. While few men took their clothing to the King's extremes, most of them wore a shirt, doublet, jerkin, hat, and some sort of gown or cloak. The "beefeater" is a perfect example of Tudor male garb.
Price range $400.00 and up


Henry VIII- This Tudor features a linen shirt with gold embroidered, pleated edge collar and cuffs, white brocade slashed doublet edged with gold and caught with jewels worn under a matching jerkin, a green velvet gown trimmed with white fur, and a black velvet hat trimmed with feathers and jewels.
Henry VIII - $1,700.00 as shown.

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Henry VIII

Thomas - The blue Tudor shown here features a linen shirt with blackwork embroidered collar and cuffs, blue brocade doublet with diamond cutouts edged with blue and silver cording. The doublet is lined and laces up the back.
Thomas - $475.00 as shown.



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