German Landsknecht

This German puffed and slashed style, also called “Landsknecht”, was made popular by the soldier’s custom of stuffing yards and yards of looted cloth into slits in his battle-worn clothing. It quickly became a favorite of courtiers who wanted to show off their wealth through the use of excessive amounts of costly cloth. The slashes can be cut in different ways and on several different angles, and is often used on sleeves, even when the rest of the garment is left unslashed. Price range $325.00 and up

Frederick - This German features a black cotton shirt with wide lace-up cuffs, floral brocade slashed doublet and pants lined with velveteen and edged with silver and finished with silver trimmed velveteen for the collar, leg bands, and shoulder rolls. The doublet laces up the front, while the pants have an elastic waist band hidden by the doublet, and the ensemble is topped off with a velveteen flat hat and plume.
Frederick - $500.00 as shown.

slashed3 slashed2


Nicholas - The Landsknecht below features a white linen shirt with blackwork trim at the neck and cuffs. The fully lined, slashed, silver trimmed red and black brocade doublet closes with silver buttons. The trimmed leather codpiece buttons onto black brocade breeches. The parti-colored, striped hose matches the lower sleeves. The spiral-slashed and horizontal-slashed legs and upper sleeves are made of leather and trimmed with silver, red, or black. All the leg and sleeve slashes are filled with white silk.


The sleeve and leg design allows the pieces to be worn interchangeably, and there are two matching pairs. One pair is red over black, one pair is black over red. The upper sleeves lace to the doublet and the legs lace to the breeches. The ensemble is completed with matching slashed shoes and a slashed felt hat with many ostrich plumes. Nicholas - $1,500.00 as shown.
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landhat landshoes

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