Flower Girl

Flower girl ensembles can be made in any size required. The price ranges shown here are for bust sizes no larger than 30”. Adult pricing applies to clothing in bust sizes larger than 30”.

Lucinda - This two-piece ensemble is made of ivory shantung. It's edged with burgundy braid trim around the neck, sleeves, and waist of the jacket. The gown laces up the back and has long, straight sleeves. The jacket laces in the center front and the sleeves widen into a “v”. Lucinda - $100.00-175.00 as shown, depending on size.


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Panné Velvet Cotehardie - This flower girl dress is made of crushed panné velvet, so it's stretchy and has no need of buttons or other closures. The neckline and bell sleeves have trim around the edge.
$69.00-$99.00 as shown, depending on size.

Bell Sleeve Cotehardie


We can make any adult style in child size, and we can make a flower girl’s gown to match the bride. We also make matching wedding cloaks for the little ones.


The Valentina flower girl cloak at left is made from ivory satin, fully lined, hooded, and edged with faux fur.
$100.00 as shown (size 4).


The Valentina flowergirl cloak at right is made from red polysuede, fully lined, hooded, and edged with white faux fur.
$125.00 as shown (size 6).

Click here for more wedding cloak options.


Because we make every garment to your specifications you are never limited to just what you see.
We can make any desired changes to the design, color, or materials of the garments shown,
and all garments are made to your measurements, not some generic “size”.

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