Cotehardie or
Eight-Gore Dress

The Cotehardie, or Eight-Gore Dress, is a favorite because it is both form-fitting and very full. "Princess" is the modern name for this slimming cut, with seams at each side, over the bust and shoulder blades, and at the center front and back. The traditional Cotehardie buttons up the front, and has long, fitted sleeves with buttons from the wrist to the elbow. You can, however, choose to lace the dress up the back and have less-fitted, button-less sleeves. Price range $90.00 and up. Click on each picture for a larger image.



Christa L. from Massachusetts commissioned the Rosalind shown at right for an SCA event. She writes, “The dress is wonderful and has a great movement to it, especially out ‘in the field’. Thanks so much”.

Rosalind - The unlined dress at left is scarlet linen with several dozen gold buttons up the front and at the sleeves It’s worn over a gold under gown. Rosalind - $475.00 as shown for cotehardie,
$90.00 for the under gown.

Christa2 Christa1

Rowena - The unlined dress shown at right and below is made of purple cotton velvet. It has straight sleeves and a round neckline, which has been edged with metallic trim. This dress buttons up the front from the neck to the floor. Rowena - $475.00 as shown. 
Click on each picture for a larger image.

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Alison - This fully lined over gown is made of emerald green silk dupioni. It is spiral laced up the front and the eyelets have been oversewn with floss. The sleeves are snug to the elbow and then drop to a long, graceful point. There is trim around the neck, the upper sleeve and the sleeve edge. The unlined under gown is made from gold silk dupioni. It has straight sleeves, a round neckline, and no closures.

Click on each picture for a larger image.
Alison - $650.00 as shown for the cotehardie and
$150.00 for the under gown.


Branwen - Made of navy blue cotton velvet, this cotehardie has a square neck and laces up the back. The sleeves are snug to the elbow and then drop to a long, graceful point. The neckline and upper sleeves are trimmed with blue and gold knot work. The edges of the sleeves are trimmed with narrow gold braid to match the long belt. The sleeves are lined while the body of the dress is not. There is an 8" train on this gown. Branwen - $375.00 as shown.

bcotef bcoteb

Cindy B. from California, had this to say about the dress, “I just received the dress. It is INCREDIBLE! Exponentially better than I thought it would be. Many, many thanks for your outstanding workmanship! I can't wait to wear it!”


The “Branwen” has been worn to Medieval and Renaissance Fairs, Proms, and Weddings.
Perfect for a hand fasting or a LARP event.

Mike M. from New York, who commissioned this gown for his daughter writes, “She was a big hit at the prom and got a lot of attention from all the attendees. Hers was certainly the most unique dress of anyone there and she really enjoyed her evening because of it. This from a girl who HATES dresses and never even owned one until this dress! Thanks for doing a super job on it.”

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Anya - Made of royal blue brocade, the cotehardie at right has a split, square neck and laces up the back. The sleeves are snug to the elbow and then widen out into a “v”. The neckline is edged with white braid embellished with pearls, and the belt is a double-wrapped cord with tassel ends. The hem and edges of the sleeves are trimmed a wide band of faux fur. The dress is fully-lined.
Anya - $650.00 as shown.


Rachel W. and her beau are all smiles at the prom.


Matilda - This parti-colored cotehardie is made of white satin and burgundy and white ecclesiastical brocade and fully lined in satin. There are over two dozen buttons closing the dress from the neck to the hem and another dozen on the lower sleeves.
Matilda - $675.00 as shown.
lick on each picture for a larger image.


This style of period historical clothing is great for Live Action Role Playing (LARP), SCA and other re-enactment events, and a perfect wedding day at the faire.


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We also offer this style as a catalog item in panné velvet. To see the catalog item, click here.


Because we make every garment to your specifications you are never limited to just what you see.
We can make any desired changes to the design, color, or materials of the garments shown,
and all garments are made to your measurements, not some generic “size”.

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