The clothing of the 17th century nobility required rich, textured fabrics and intricate lace trim. The Cavalier Lord style is not particularly form fitting, and is therefore one of the more comfortable "formal" styles of dress. The breeches can be fairly sleek, as shown here, or balloon-like, which is more typical of the period. The shirt has a full body, full, puffy sleeves and a large, lace-edged collar. The doublet is long and loose, and usually slashed to reveal a bright, contrasting fabric. The typical sleeve is an open, or hanging sleeve lined with the same, contrasting fabric as the slashing. Price range $250.00 and up.

Geoffrey - The cavalier at right features a shirt with lace-edged collar, brocade open sleeved doublet slashed with satin, and matching front-buttoned breeches. Geoffrey - $450.00 as shown.

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Charles - Pictured at left, this cavalier features a shirt with a trimmed and lace-edged collar, brocade doublet with split-sleeves slashed with shantung, shantung front-buttoned breeches with trimmed, pleated cuffs and side button detail, a lined satin cape, and lace boot toppers.
Charles - $800.00 as shown
(not including hat or boots.
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